Jorge Luis Morato Lara

Research Jorge Morato


He is a professor of Information Science in the Department of Computer Science at the Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain). He obtained his PhD in Library Science from the Carlos III University in 1999 on the subject of Knowledge Information Systems and its relationships with linguistics.  From 1991-1999, he had grants or contracts from the Spanish National Research Council. Currently he is elected member of the Faculty Governance in the University Senate, the Faculty Assembly and the Engineering School Academic Board.

His current research activity is centered on text mining, information extraction and pattern recognition, NLP, information retrieval, Web positioning, and Knowledge Organization Systems. He has published mainly on semi-automatic construction of thesauri and ontologies, topic maps, and conceptual and contextualized retrieval of semantic documents. His last project deals with Semantic Metadata Interoperability and Search (SEMSE) and Bibliotecología.

Ana María Iglesias Maqueda

Research Ana María Iglesias


She is a member of the faculty of the Computer Science Department of Carlos III University of Madrid, since February 2006. I obtained a degree in Computer Science from Carlos III University of Madrid in 1999, and my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) in 2004.

She has been also a member of the Spanish Centre of Caption and Audiodescription (CESyA) since 2005 to 2013, as the person in charge of the captioning and audiodescription database and also as the main researcher in the “accessibility in education” line. She has conducted two postdoctoral research stays at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh – PA- USA) during 7 months in 2005, and University of Southampton (Southampton – UK), during 3 months in 2013.

She has been working in several National research projects on Accessibility, Advanced Database Technologies, Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval. My research interests include Accessibility in Human-Computer and Human-Robot Interaction disciplines, Adaptive Intelligent Educational Systems, Information Retrieval, Database Design and Advanced Database Technologies, among others.

Sonia Sánchez-Cuadrado

Research Sonia Sáncez-Cuadrado


Sonia Sanchez-Cuadrado is Associate Professor and researcher in Library and Information Science at Complutense University of Madrid (UCM). She has been master coordinator in official studies MGDBA (Master en Gestión de la Documentación, Bibliotecas y Archivos). She teaches in master program in Management of information, libraries and archives (face to face and online learning) and in bachelor degree in Information Science regarding information retrieval, SEO and knowledge representation systems.

She is member of POLITECOM group and responsable of Information and Comunication Tecnologies Laboratory (POLITECOM Lab) where we start projects and experments according to the research lines of the group and regarding Library and Information science area.

She participates in several project as consultant regarding Learning Management Systems (LMS) and its management to courses of Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and private enterprises and knowledge organization systems issues. She also colaborates in research projects fund by Complutense University and innovation research of Spanish goverment. She is compromise with cooperation projects where she has conducted one and has cooperate with other colleagues.

Adrián Campillo Santiago

Research Assistant Adrián Campillo


Holding a degree in Biology from the Autonomous University of Madrid in 2015, he joined the GigaBD group as a research assistant while studying computer science, to perform system installation and preparation, development and execution of experiments, predominantly in Python programming.

Andrea Sastre Herrero

Research Assistant Andrea Sastre


She is licensed in Linguistics and Applied Languages with a specialty in Computational Linguistics from the Complutense University in Madrid. She is currently studying for a Linguistics and Technologies master’s degree. She joined the GigaBD group as a research assistant to conduct research on Natural Language and design and code computer programs.

Changhao Wu

Research Assistant Changhao Wu


He is licensed in Computer Science and Engineering major in information technology from Carlos III University (Madrid). He is currently studying for a Technologies in the Financial Sector: Fintech master’s degree at Carlos III University. He joined the GigaBD group as part of the new project with the purpose of automating the creation of reports.

Víctor Muñoz Velasco

Research Assistant Víctor Muñoz


He is licensed in Telecommunication Technologies Engineering from School of Telecommunications Engineering at Valladolid University. He joined GigaBD group as part of the new project with the purpose of designing reports using graphs and statistics.